The Benefits of Taking The Principles of Patch-Cord Management Web Study Course  

MIS / Telecommunications Directors / Managers 

  • Provides easy, enforceable methods (not interpretations) to your staff for maintaining
        the highest level of performance in your patch-cord management system
  • Makes training your staff easy-they will clearly understand what is expected of them.
  • Improves your system's performance and aesthetics and creates a better work atmosphere.

Installers and Contractors 

  • Provides a thorough understanding of patch-cord management systems.
  • Focuses on principles that must be incorporated into a proper management system.
  • Preventive maintenance-provides your customers with a tool that will educate them
       about the importance of proper patch-cord management.
  • Turns patching into an art form that can be sustained throughout the patch-cord
       management life cycle.

Trainers, Designers, and RCDDs

  • This is the most extensive training ever put together on patch-cord management.
  • Provides a source from which you can draw to incorporate or supplement your training.
  • For the first time, provides documented design guidelines for patch-cord management.
  • This course may be credited to your Professional Development program.

Distributors and Manufacturer Reps 

  • Informs you about real-world and current industry standards.
  • Maintains your product's enhanced aesthetics for the life cycle of the patch-cord management system.
  • Allows you to provide better support to your customers.
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