The Weekend Warrior Program

The "Weekend Warrior" program has been developed to alleviate the problem addressed in an industry study on patch-cord management which concluded that large patch fields, utilizing patch cords over a period of time turn into a "rat's nest," which can directly affect the speed with which faults can be identified and rectified. Also, this phenomenon has a direct negative effect on the management performance level of the patch-cord management system and, by extension, the functional performance level of the entire system.

While employing the PerfectPatch will eliminate this rat's nest," some customers who lack the time or resources may desire additional support from our PerfectPatch Certified Contractors Network.

The Way It Works

Typically a PerfectPatch Certified Contractor will examine your site, taking photographs and recording various information, i.e., port-to-port patching locations and general aesthetics.

This information will be discussed and a plan of attack presented. A schedule, typically planned for a weekend, will be employed due to the service requirements of the organizations. Depending on the size of the patching system, this may be spread out over a few weekends. Once completed, you will never have to worry again about having a "rat's nest," and you will have an Management Performance Level 10. (Please see The Lifetime Management Warranty for more details.)


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