How patch cords are routed in a management system:

When horizontal and vertical managers are installed in a management system, as shown in these pictures, a patch cord is plugged into a patch panel port, then the cord enters and routes in to the horizontal manager adjacent to the patch panel. From there it routes to the immediate vertical manager, and travels through the verticals to the horizontal manager adjacent to the appropriate interface port. The patch is completed (figure 1).

Open Rack


This leaves too much slack in one section of the management system, called the "Achilles' heel." This slack builds as each cord is patched, leading to overflow conditions and placement problems in the management system, resulting in poor patch-cord management.

It was found in an *industry study on patch-cord management that the average amount of slack per UTP patch cord after the patch was completed is 20 inches.

*Study excerpts published in Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine (Feb. 97'). A total of 16,242 patch cords were inspected, with 10% (1624 cords) randomly selected and analyzed for a statistical accuracy level of +-3%.

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