Category 5 Certified Patch-Cord List

PerfectPatch, Inc., is concerned with the structured cabling system and the importance of patch cords in that system. That is why we have developed a stringent testing criteria that incorporates standard-based (i.e., TIA/EIA-568-A and/or ISO/IEC 11801) electrical, optical, and mechanical requirements of high-performance patch cords in a structured cabling system (see Installer/End User Notes) after employing the PerfectPatchTM.

At our laboratory, we test applications of the PerfectPatchTM with different high-performance patch-cord types, performance is done on a routine basis. Upon completion of our tests, PerfectPatch, Inc., will add the high-performance patch-cord type to the Category 5 certified patch-cord list which confirms that the patch-cord type has been fully tested with the application of PerfectPatchTM and complies to Category 5 requirements of the standards in a TIA/EIA-568-A channel and/or ISO/IEC 11801 link.

Category 5 Certified Patch-Cord List
(List is subject to increase with different patch cord types
as performance testing is completed.)

Although the PerfectPatchTM has been designed to work in a high-speed channel or link at Category 5 and beyond, performance levels, you will find that the PerfectPatchTM works on many other types of patch cords besides 4 pair UTP and duplex multimedia fiber because of its adjustability, but it is recommended that the cable diameter not exceed 1/4 inch (6.4mm) (figure 1).

Manufactured Patch Cords

A key point to remember is that there is no substitute for the quality of patch cords. That is why PerfectPatch, Inc., recommends known-name manufacturers of patch cords with established testing and quality assurance programs in place.

Installer/End User: Please email us if you have had a problem with your manufacturer's patch cords and PerfectPatch, Inc., will investigate your concerns and report our findings to you.

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