Patch-cord Adjusters

Patch-cord Adjusters
The industry study on patch-cord management concluded that due to the standard purchasing of longer patch cords than what is required for a specific patch at a specific point in time. Adequate horizontal and vertical managers in a patch-cord management system do not provide the necessary management support required for patch cords.
Twenty inches of slack per patch cord was recorded after routing the patch cord through the management system. This accumulation of slack (figure 1) was found to have devastating effects on the performance and functionally of the management system over its life cycle.
The result, after analyzing the data recorded in the management study, is to provide a complete management solution that supports,trains and monitors the installer in the areas that horizontal and vertical patch-cord managers in a management system do not. Patch-cord adjuster provides the following solutions when installed on patch cords in a management system.
1) Eliminates slack - The #1 contributor to poor management!
2) Provides training - Just as a punch-down tool is required for terminating cross-connect wire, a minimum amount of training is required to understand the installation and de-installation of patch-cord adjusters.
3) Monitors management - If patch-cord adjusters are not being used, it can easily be detected by looking at the cords and corrected, enforceable, guidelines by staff can be made.
4) Eliminates compressed and congested interfaces - By adjusting cords to proper length, slack does not build up at the interface.
5) Stabilizes bending - When slack has been eliminated, there is no where for the patch cord to bend after it has been routed in the management system.
6) Provides single patch cord functionally - this allow the patch cord to be rapidly identified in a management system.

Fig 1

Simplified Patch-cord Routing
Complete Management System
Complete Management System
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