Cross Connect Wire

Predominantly in high-density voice management systems, cross-connect wire is implemented in the management system instead of patch cords. As viewed in these pictures of management fields utilizing cross-connect wire, you can see that the poor management, which occurs when using patch cords with adequate horizontal and vertical managers, does not typically occur when using cross-connect wire.

There are two reasons that management systems made with cross-connect wire and adequate horizontal and vertical managers do not exhibit the same management problems as patch cords in a management system.

1) Cross-connect wire is cut to the length required for the connection of two circuits, allowing only minimum length for identifying circuits (figure 1).
2) A tool is used, which provides the apparatus to cut the cross-connect wire eliminating slack. What accompanies this tool, is a person who must have a minimum degree of training to use it (figure 2).

110 Cross Connect Field
Fig 1 Cross-connect - cut to length
  BIX Cross-connect Field
66 Cross-connect Field  
Fig 2 Training Required
Punch Down Tool
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