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The Principles of Patch-Cord Management

Web Study Course

 Horizontal Management
Sizes to use to increase efficiency
What to expect from horizontal managers
How to reduce patch-cord snags
 Vertical Management
Effective vertical patch-cord management
Optimum location of equipment
 RMS (Rack Mount Space)
Using RMS conversion charts for effective planning
Understanding RMS and how it applies to design

 Patch Panels
How to size patch panels in your rack
Different types of patch panels
Cost effectiveness per unit
 Open Racks
How much space is available in a rack
Problems encountered with managers
 Slack & Management
The devastating effects of patch-cord slack
Eliminating slack in the management system
 Measuring Management Computerworld magazine surveyed 361 information-systems professionals and generated a list of the Top 10 Worst Jobs in Information Systems. Second on their list was troubleshooting cabling. "It is an especially frustrating and time-consuming task."

"Often described by such terms as 'rat's nest,' 'spaghetti,' and 'jungle,' the working patch panel is both an eyesore to visitors and an invitations to networking problems for installers and maintainers." Cabling Installation & Maintenance
Management performance-level matrix
Increases network performance
Controls patch cords for the life of the system
Provides easy, enforceable objectives
Increases understanding of what is expected
Provides a better work atmosphere
 Results of Poor Management
Increases time to identify and rectify faults
Reluctance to resolve service tickets
Can cause faults when servicing systems
Reflects on those who own & service the system
No one accepts responsibility

Easy Learning

This Web Study Course is filled with over 50 pages of easy-to-read material and lots of illustrations amd a 76-question exam that has hyperlinks attached to key points throughout. With just a "click" of your mouse button, you can get detailed information on a specific point. All course material can be printed and used for future reference.
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Patch-Cord Management Bid Specification
Don't even give the "Rat's Nest" a chance to start. Right from the bid stage you will be prepared with this specification that has been formulated on the basis of an industry study on patch-cord management system (excerpts of which were published in Cabling Installation & Maintenance, February 1997; BICSI NEWS, January 1997; and Structured Cabling & Connecting Systems, Summer 1997). Not only do you get the spec but also you get the rationale for that spec, so you can see if it will apply to your future patch-cord management system.

Steps for Cleaning Up Your Rat's Nest
It's never too late to clean up your rat's nest for good. PerfectPatch, Inc. will take you step-by-step through the procedure to clean up your "Rat's Nest" once and for all. These steps are accompanied by easy-to-follow worksheets.

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