PerfectPatch, Inc., Certified Contractor Program
This program was developed to provide worldwide support for the Weekend Warrior Program, and the Lifetime Management Warranty Program. Qualified contractors are currently stationed throughout the world to assist customers with the implementation of their patch-cord management system. To qualify as a certified PerfectPatch contractor is simple and free. Simply fill out the application fand fax it to PerfectPatch, Inc. After this is processed, typically in 48 hours, you will required to take the free, informative web study course, "Principles of Patch-Cord Management." This course can be taken at home or office.
Upon successful course completion, you will be notified by phone as to your acceptance as a Preliminary PerfectPatch Certified Contractor. Full entry into the program will occur after a site has been cleaned up and the pictures sent to PerfectPatch.

If the site is qualified to PerfectPatch standards, the candidate will receive full membership into the PerfectPatch Certified Contractor Program!

The PerfectPatch, Inc., Certified Contractor Program offers you the following benefits:

The ability to offer Lifetime Management Warranties

  Receive leads in your area on clean-up projects

  Provide clean-up programs to your customers that will work over the management system life cycle

  No committment to sales of any products.

If your organization has questions regarding this program, email PerfectPatch, Inc., or call (703) 796-5408 for more information.
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