Procedures for PerfectPatch's Lifetime Management Warranty
  1. Call PerfectPatch, Inc., for a certified contractor in your area. The PerfectPatch, Inc., certified contractor will discuss end-user patch-cord management requirements. (See the Weekend Warrior Program for an existing installation.)
  2. The end-user is required to take "The Principles of Patch-Cord Management" web study course and complete the exam. Then, the certified contractor will address questions or concerns dealing with the exam and the end-user's specific patch-cord management system(s). Emphasis is put on employing the Management Performance Level Matrix so the end-user can maintain a uniform 10 performance level for the life of their system(s).
  3. The certified contractor will schedule a time to install the patching of the cords in the end-user patch-cord management system.
  4. Pictures of end-user patch-cord management system(s) will be taken when completed.
  5. The Management Performance Level Matrix will be signed off by the end-user indicating that the patch-cord management system completed is at Level 10 Management Performance Level. Also, that the end-user has been thoroughly trained in the Simple Patch-Cord Management Guidelines and the Management Performance Level Matrix for maintaining Level 10 for the life of their system.
  6. Pictures of the completed patch-cord management system(s) will be taken. This information will be forwarded to PerfectPatch, Inc., for its records.
  7. PerfectPatch, Inc., will assign a certificate number for each patch-cord management system, along with a label to be affixed to the patch-cord management system. This will indicate the certificate number and the Level 10 qualification date.
  8. A certificate with a laminated picture of the completed patch-cord management system will be forwarded to end-user to post at the location to serve as a visual point of reference for future moves, adds, and changes.
  9. A laminated (3"x 8") copy of PerfectPatch's the Management Performance Level Matrix with the Two Golden Rules for Successful Patch-Cord Management on the back (see diagram), will be forwarded to the end-users, and posted at each location for future reference on maintaining a "10" Management Performance Level.
  10. The end-user must comply with PerfectPatch's answer to the Two Golden Rules for Successful Patch-Cord Management for the life of their system. (See the Management Performance Level Matrix below.) By posting this matrix on your patch field and instructing your team to follow the simple procedures listed, you will continue to maintain a level 10 throughout the life cycle of your system.
Remember - Aesthetics can directly affect the speed with which
faults are identified and rectified, which directly affects
the total system functional performance of your network.
Management Performance Level Matrix
This matrix was designed to be cut out and attached
to your rack for guidance now, and in the future.
For more information on the Management Performance Level Matrix,
click here for Frequently Asked Questions About Patch-Cord Management, #4, #8, and #10.

Guarantee - If these procedures are followed and your patch-cord management system does not maintain a Level 10
Management Performance Level, a PerfectPatch Certified Contractor will correct the problem at no charge.

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